What Are The Advantages Of BBM For iPhone

On June 27, 2012, in BBM for iPhone, by BBM For iPhone

The advantages of BBM For iPhone might not be clear to everybody yet, so thats why Im creating this post, to let you all know about the great advantages that this application brings to you. The greatest advantage of BBM For iPhone is still its compatibility with the Blackberry and iPhone platform. This means that you have a fast, safe, and very secure way to chat with all of your friends. The reason I said safe & secure, is because the messages that are sent via BBM for iPhone are all coded and encrypted, just like the normal BBM app. The messages are sent via the RIM servers which can only read the messages, to prevent yourself from having your messages read by other people.

Delivery speed of the messages is also top notch with BBM For iPhone. Countless tests between whatsapp, pingchat, and even iMessage have still shown that Blackberry Messenger for iPhone is the fasted chat application for both platform. The delivery speed of the messages that are send with this program are so fast, because of the light brandwith usage. Everyone with a smarthphone will be able to use this program, without extra costs to your phone bill, because it does not take much resource and that explains the lightning fast speed. The recent update to version 2 has made sure that the app has been coded a lot more efficient from the ground up. This also increases user speed when using the application. The app also supports multitasking on the iPhone, so you will be able to switch between apps very fast.

You can send unlimited characters in your bbm’s, and you can chat with as much people as you want at one time. You will get notified when there is a new message on the homescreen.

BBM for iPhone

As you can see, the interface is very user friendly, and very alike like the original Blackberry Messenger layout. Its very easy to navigate through, and it has been tested to the max, to ensure there is not a single bug in the system. The developers team of this program have more then 30 years of coding & mobile programming experience, so they know how to create stunning apps. The app has an automatic updater installed, so updates will be easy to install. We hope you like the application, and if you still have doubts, please post your questions below.


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