Using BBM For iPhone

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Using BBM For iPhone

The iPhone is a great platform that doesn’t really need much correction, but there are certain apps that can help make the transition a bit easier. Some of those who have held out the longest in switching to iPhone are long time Blackberry users. There are a few features on the Blackberry that just draw in the user such as the true time instant delivery of email messages and the use of Blackberry messenger.

This is a service that works much like iChat in allowing you to create groups and send messages of any length between users with BBM. It allows for the easy sharing of music and other types of files as well. So why would you need it once you switch to the iPhone platform that already does all those things? Because not everyone has an iPhone.

iPhone Glitches

There is trouble sometimes sending photos and data between iPhones and other types of smart phones. Because of this, being able to run BBM on your iPhone allows you to keep up with all the groups you already created and continue to communicate in the same way you did before. You don’t have to worry about cross platform glitches as you are sticking with the same messenger you had before allowing you to make the transition as seamlessly as possible. With BBM for iPhone everything will be perfectly working.

Confirmations and Security

Blackberry has always been top on security. While Apple computer have been very safe, the iPhone is the largest single phone used on the planet which makes it ripe for the picking when it comes to hacking. BBM for iPhone gives you a specific pin identifier that helps to keep all your transitions on lockdown. You don’t have to worry about others hacking your messages or forwarding your number to a ghost phone. The BBM works differently and there is no way to forward or redirect messages without you knowing about it. This extra layer of security is important for some users, especially when it comes to work.

Using BBM For iPhone

Groups and Calendars

While the iPhone has a great built in calendar, the BBM for iPhone calendar allows you to more easily coordinate with large groups of people. This is very important for businesses and those who are working on their schedule with assistants and others who might need to be able to make changes. Keeping all this information on BBM gives you access to it all the time and allows others in the group see what you are up to. You can save yourself lots of rescheduling and make things easier on your assistant.

International Factor

One of the largest draws to BBM for iPhone is the ability to send messages overseas without incurring extra charges. Texting overseas usually adds to your already pricey data plan. When you use BBM all your messages are delivered for free to any other BBM user no matter where they are in the world. Your standard data rates apply and nothing else. This is often the easiest way to communicate for free when you or someone else is traveling. It also gives you real time communication with employees when they are working internationally.

Now that you can use BBM with an iPhone there is really no reason not to make the switch. You can get all the security offered by Blackberry and all the benefits of BBM but use it on the platform you really like. This effort at cross-platform compatibility make a nice change compared to so many proprietary programs that make it complicated to update or change your technology choices. The decision to work in new and unique ways will help Blackberry continue on despite the popularity of the iPhone. To download Blackberry Messenger for your iPhone device you can go to this page.

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