Download BBM For iPhone

BBM for iPhone is an application that has been requested by many users. All of the users who were waiting for the app to launch can now finally download BBM for iPhone on here for free! The application will work on an iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S, and it will also be compatible with the new iPhone 5.

BBM for iPhone will have the following functions:

- Advanced messaging system that can send messages between BBM users on Blackberry, Android and ofcourse iPhone. The messages will have an option by which you can directly see if a message has been sent, delivered and read. You will also be able to PING!!! each other, which creates a vibration along with a sound, to notify the other user of a waiting message on his version of BBM for iPhone

- Great layout with an extreme level of user experience. You won’t have any trouble with finding all the options you might need on your iPhone with this application. You can chat with all the people who have BBM installed on their phone or tablet. When you start BBM for iPhone for the first time, you can create your unique pin which you can use to add invite people to your contacts list. You can have multiple conversations at once, and the messages you sent out will be delivered very fast.

BBM for iPhone

Because of this great user experience, and its compatibility with all the versions of blackberry messenger, this application has become very popular in the last few months. Hundreds of people’s have been downloading this app, and all with positive reviews! You might wonder by yourself, how much will BBM for iPhone cost me? Well the answer is simple, Nothing! The developers have created this program as an open source project, and they are a firm believer of free content. They have therefore chosen to release BBM on iPhone completely for free with no additional costs at all. If you have a question, you can use the comment function below, and support will be given as soon as possible.

You can download BBM for iPhone for free below. Just hit the download button and then your download will start automaticly. A guide on how you can install BlackBerry Messenger For iPhone can be found here.

download bbm for iphone

Download Here

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