Blackberry Messenger Optimized for iPhone 5

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The Blackberry Messenger for iPhone app has been upgraded to be compatible with the new iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has been available for sale for about 2 weeks now, and it is a huge succes to fans of Apple. The iPhone 5 has a larger screen, which means we had to update BBM for iPhone so that even the new users of the iPhone 5 could enjoy the app at the maximum ammount of pleasure.

The optimization process has been a very nice thing, as we have re-arranged some of the buttons, and gave it a clearer overall feel. We have also done some minor bug fixes, and optimized the app for the Retina display. This will make sure that you get the best experience when chatting with BBM on iPhone.

With BBM for iPhone users are able to use the Blackberry Messenger application on their iPhone’s, to chat with Blackberry devices all arround the world. The app is download for more then a thousand times already so it is very popular.

To download the updated version you can go to our Download Page, where you will have the app in a matter of seconds. Instruction of installing the App can be found here. I hope you like this small update!


What Makes BBM For iPhone Special?

On July 6, 2012, in BBM for iPhone, by BBM For iPhone

What makes BBM for iPhone special?

There are some that are still hanging on to their Blackberries simply because of the keyboard. Others like the truly instantaneous email that is not really instantaneous on other platforms. And others still hold on because of Blackberry Messenger or BBM. If you don’t know what BBM is, you should. No matter what type of phone you have, BBM is a much more secure way to chat than over text and you have the opportunity to do it from anywhere in the world without incurring extra fees. iPhone has realized this is not something that is going to go away and the newly developed BBM for iPhone application for iPhone might help them win over the few holdouts that really enjoy the BBM features.

BBM for Your iPhone

You can now download an app called BBM for iPhone, and still use BBM and all its features directly from your iPhone. If you were worried about having to give up your groups, your calendar and your privacy you don’t have to in order to switch over to iPhone. It is more secure than the chat feature on iPhone. When you are logged in the chat feature works only from iPhone to iPhone otherwise you are simply sending a standard text. While the system might seem the same, it really isn’t as BBM gives you a unique identifier that keeps your information more secure. This is very important for many companies because it means you can go ahead and send account numbers and other sensitive information from phone to phone without too much concern.

What makes BBM for iPhone special

Why a PIN Number?

The PIN number is what makes BBM so different from other chatting scenarios. A phone number can be mirrored or switched to another device without you knowing about it. This leaves it open for hacking. Because BBM for iPhone assigns a PIN number you are not identified by name or by phone number. And then it even has a separate password making it extremely difficult to shadow or steal. Also, if someone logs in somewhere else with your PIN number you will know instantly as it will log you out. This gives you a quick and easy way to tell if you have been hacked. You can then alter your behavior and report the theft.

Sending Data

BBM is used on Blackberries to send mass amounts of data in a smooth manner. Photo sharing is easier with BBM from a Blackberry. While you can easily send photos from an iPhone via standard text messaging and emailing, you are then opening the photos up for stealing. If you are sending things of a private nature or spreadsheets or other photos that are secret it is best to use BBM for iPhone. You can form groups for logo approvals or other imaging approvals that then keep all the data totally private and secure. This is very important if you are afraid of a leak or other information being stolen. The security just can’t be beat.

The iPhone is an excellent platform and Blackberry has accepted it is a sign of the times. The ability to use the messenger on the iPhone is one of the things that will keep the Blackberry in the business. The ability to be flexible and evolve with the changing climate is the only thing that will help your business as technologies keep advancing. While no one can see the end of the iPhone reign, things always change. Blackberry and their apps are helping them keep their eye on the long term goal fo growing their business despite the current market dominance.

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Why BBM For iPhone Became So Popular

On July 5, 2012, in BBM for iPhone, by BBM For iPhone

Why BBM for iPhone Became So Popular

Many people have never really used BBM and they think of it as just another texting service. What they don’t realize is that BBM is a precursor to the way the iPhone runs text messages. If you are working with another iPhone, these are not really text messages but rather a chat service. The same is true for BBM or Blackberry Messenger. This means that is through a secure secondary number that is run like a chat rather than going through the phone service like a standard text would.

Privacy, the Difference with BBM

Privacy is the biggest difference with BBM. You don’t have to worry about someone getting in, pretending to be you or hacking the system and sending texts on your behalf. Because phone numbers can be copied and redirected, you run the risk with a cell phone that your text messages can be overtaken without you knowing about it. On BBM for iPhone this is a private PIN number situation that cannot be shadowed. This gives you an extra layer of privacy and security. It means it is safer to send secure information than it is via a standard text and that allows you to send private financial information, proprietary company information or other things you are concerned about people hacking into.

Grouping People Together

While you can form groups on iPhone chat, these groups are not entirely permanent unless you make a new contact for the group. While this works, you are confined to the limitations of text messages depending on the device the other person is working with. If you use BBM and everyone else uses the BBM for iPhone application you can send messages of any length. This gives you more freedom when it comes to what you send. These groups are easily activated and a quick reply keeps everyone in the loop. It is very easy on the standard iPhone chat to accidentally only reply to one person which then hinders the communications process.

Calendars, Linked Directly

When you work with BBM your information can be instantly put in group calendars. There is a button to push to add any time and date information to your calendar. This allows you to decide who else’s calendar it goes on and you can make sure you keep your assistant and others informed of what you are doing. You don’t have to worry about linking to a proprietary calendar such as iCal or Google Calendars as BBM for iPhone has it’s own calendar that can be set to share amongst other users.

BBM To iPhone

BBM Application

The application of BBM for iPhone has made the switch easier for some Blackberry users. Another benefit is that you can send international messages without incurring any additional costs. This is not like sending an overseas text but rather like chatting via Skype on your computer. Because of this, it makes it financially beneficial to consider keeping BBM no matter what plan you are working from. This application changed the way people could migrate to iPhone.

Overall the BBM for iPhone application is most useful for those who have been using BBM already. It is unlikely that iPhone users will suddenly decide to add BBM, but if enough Blackberry users start forcing the issue, other iPhone users may follow suit. It is a convenient way to talk and work without making things complicated. With all the technological gadgets, we often find ourselves costing more time than we are creating. BBM is one of the things that actually help to save time. It helps to streamline your life and keep your information secure.

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Using BBM For iPhone

On July 5, 2012, in BBM for iPhone, by BBM For iPhone

Using BBM For iPhone

The iPhone is a great platform that doesn’t really need much correction, but there are certain apps that can help make the transition a bit easier. Some of those who have held out the longest in switching to iPhone are long time Blackberry users. There are a few features on the Blackberry that just draw in the user such as the true time instant delivery of email messages and the use of Blackberry messenger.

This is a service that works much like iChat in allowing you to create groups and send messages of any length between users with BBM. It allows for the easy sharing of music and other types of files as well. So why would you need it once you switch to the iPhone platform that already does all those things? Because not everyone has an iPhone.

iPhone Glitches

There is trouble sometimes sending photos and data between iPhones and other types of smart phones. Because of this, being able to run BBM on your iPhone allows you to keep up with all the groups you already created and continue to communicate in the same way you did before. You don’t have to worry about cross platform glitches as you are sticking with the same messenger you had before allowing you to make the transition as seamlessly as possible. With BBM for iPhone everything will be perfectly working.

Confirmations and Security

Blackberry has always been top on security. While Apple computer have been very safe, the iPhone is the largest single phone used on the planet which makes it ripe for the picking when it comes to hacking. BBM for iPhone gives you a specific pin identifier that helps to keep all your transitions on lockdown. You don’t have to worry about others hacking your messages or forwarding your number to a ghost phone. The BBM works differently and there is no way to forward or redirect messages without you knowing about it. This extra layer of security is important for some users, especially when it comes to work.

Using BBM For iPhone

Groups and Calendars

While the iPhone has a great built in calendar, the BBM for iPhone calendar allows you to more easily coordinate with large groups of people. This is very important for businesses and those who are working on their schedule with assistants and others who might need to be able to make changes. Keeping all this information on BBM gives you access to it all the time and allows others in the group see what you are up to. You can save yourself lots of rescheduling and make things easier on your assistant.

International Factor

One of the largest draws to BBM for iPhone is the ability to send messages overseas without incurring extra charges. Texting overseas usually adds to your already pricey data plan. When you use BBM all your messages are delivered for free to any other BBM user no matter where they are in the world. Your standard data rates apply and nothing else. This is often the easiest way to communicate for free when you or someone else is traveling. It also gives you real time communication with employees when they are working internationally.

Now that you can use BBM with an iPhone there is really no reason not to make the switch. You can get all the security offered by Blackberry and all the benefits of BBM but use it on the platform you really like. This effort at cross-platform compatibility make a nice change compared to so many proprietary programs that make it complicated to update or change your technology choices. The decision to work in new and unique ways will help Blackberry continue on despite the popularity of the iPhone. To download Blackberry Messenger for your iPhone device you can go to this page.

BBM Service For Your iPhone

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BBM Service for Your iPhone

Chances are if you are looking into BBM service for your iPhone you already understand the advantages of Blackberry Messenger over standard SMS texting. While iPhone does mimic this procedure from iPhone to iPhone it is still not the same. There are many services you can utilize via BBM that are equipment independent and helpful for running business.

BBM is also a great way to stay in touch with people overseas without having to incur extra charges. This is why many people learned about the importance of BBM and then discovered the other positive options that pale in comparison to standard SMS.

BBM Anywhere

When you have BBM it is username and password protected. That means your information is much more secure. It also means that when you are away from your phone you can still check your “messages” via another device, something that is not possible at all with SMS services. This fact alone makes it preferable to many people. When you are working you don’t want people to think you are ignoring them, but you may not have cell service or you may be traveling internationally. BBM for iPhone makes sure you get all your messages any time.

Groups, Calendars and Communicating

You can form chat groups on BBM on iPhone which are helpful when you are trying to coordinate schedules or make plans with many people at the same time. Assistants the world over find this to be a huge plus. They can schedule things on your calendar or be included in the group so there are never conflicts in your schedule just because you didn’t check in with your assistant. This information is also permanent. Like with email, you can always go back and look over the entire chat. The information is not deleted by the phone system, only by you.

Receipt Messages

With your BBM for iPhone service you can know when someone receives a message and when they read it. This makes it feel a bit more like email and allows you to track the information. This eliminates the concern that your “text” didn’t go through as you know when it is delivered and when it is read. This can be imperative when you are sending vital information. You don’t have to take the chance that it didn’t go through. If people have their phones off for a long time, the message will still be delivered when they log on. Text messages don’t work that way and are often dropped if they phone does not check in within a certain amount of time.

bbm for iphone logo

Why for the iPhone?

Because the iPhone has become so popular, it is important to have something that allows you to use the BBM service on the phone. This was always the intention of Blackberry, to make a service so indispensible, that people would want to continue to use it no matter what device they go with. With BBM for iPhone this is now possible. BBM can be put on just about any device including the iPhone as long as you get a proper copy of the app.

If you have never used BBM, it is definitely worth looking into. You will be surprised at what a difference it can make to be able use this service anywhere. Usually everyone keeps their phone charged, but everyone has been in that situation where they are stuck without their phone. That no longer puts you in a text black hole as long as you have BBM for iPhone. Logon to a computer and you can check all your messages and get all the information you need. It can really be a lifesaver when your phone dies at the wrong time!

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What Are The Advantages Of BBM For iPhone

On June 27, 2012, in BBM for iPhone, by BBM For iPhone

The advantages of BBM For iPhone might not be clear to everybody yet, so thats why Im creating this post, to let you all know about the great advantages that this application brings to you. The greatest advantage of BBM For iPhone is still its compatibility with the Blackberry and iPhone platform. This means that you have a fast, safe, and very secure way to chat with all of your friends. The reason I said safe & secure, is because the messages that are sent via BBM for iPhone are all coded and encrypted, just like the normal BBM app. The messages are sent via the RIM servers which can only read the messages, to prevent yourself from having your messages read by other people.

Delivery speed of the messages is also top notch with BBM For iPhone. Countless tests between whatsapp, pingchat, and even iMessage have still shown that Blackberry Messenger for iPhone is the fasted chat application for both platform. The delivery speed of the messages that are send with this program are so fast, because of the light brandwith usage. Everyone with a smarthphone will be able to use this program, without extra costs to your phone bill, because it does not take much resource and that explains the lightning fast speed. The recent update to version 2 has made sure that the app has been coded a lot more efficient from the ground up. This also increases user speed when using the application. The app also supports multitasking on the iPhone, so you will be able to switch between apps very fast.

You can send unlimited characters in your bbm’s, and you can chat with as much people as you want at one time. You will get notified when there is a new message on the homescreen.

BBM for iPhone

As you can see, the interface is very user friendly, and very alike like the original Blackberry Messenger layout. Its very easy to navigate through, and it has been tested to the max, to ensure there is not a single bug in the system. The developers team of this program have more then 30 years of coding & mobile programming experience, so they know how to create stunning apps. The app has an automatic updater installed, so updates will be easy to install. We hope you like the application, and if you still have doubts, please post your questions below.


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Install BBM For iPhone

On June 27, 2012, in BBM for iPhone, by BBM For iPhone

A lot of you guys were stuck with the question: How do we install BBM for iPhone? Well, therefore we have written a detailed guide for you to install Blackberry Messenger for iPhone simply and easily on your iPhone.

First you will need to download BBM for iPhone here. The download will be started when you click on the download button which is located at the bottom of the page. Simply click download and you will have it on your pc or mac in a matter of seconds. Unzip the downloaded file, and store the .ipa file somewhere easy to find, on your desktop for example.

You will then need to connect your iPhone to iTunes, so you can upload the file. Put the white connector in your iPhone dock connector slot, and wait till iTunes has recognized your iPhone. You can then select it, and check if there is enough space for BBM for iPhone to be installed. If so, please move to the next step.

The next step is to select your version of BBM for iPhone, and to put it on your iPhone device in iTunes. Your file should be uploading to your Apple device now, just wait till it has been transferred. After the transfer has been completed, you can safely un-plug your phone from your pc or mac. Now you need to turn it off, and start it up again. BBM for iPhone will now be available on your apps screen. It should look something like this

BBM for iPhone on Homescreen

Now you can just click on the BBM for iPhone application, and it should start without any problems. You will be able to choose your unique BBM pin, which people will use to add you to their contacts list. Choose this pin wisely, as you cant change it when chosen. After you have done that, it is time to fill in your screen name, and then you are ready to go!

You can add a profile picture, and start adding people to your contacts list through their Blackberry Messenger Pin. BBM for iPhone is compatible with Blackberry devices so you can now chat with all your Blackberry friends via this program! Chatting & using this app is completely free, and the brandwith usage is very low. If you still have questions about the application, we would be more then happy to answer your questions below. We would also appreciate it if you could use the share buttons on the left side of this post, to share BBM for iPhone with all your friends, so they can use this great app aswell!